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Spring Cleaning Your Charges Toys

Springtime means spring-cleaning and now is the perfect time to give the children’s toys a bit of a clean. Here are some great ways to get the children involved to help get their toys sparkling clean.

1. Washing Day

Have a great big washing day. Grab all of the dress ups, dolls clothes, dolls blankets, play table cloths whatever you have and fill up some big tubs out in the garden. Or if you need to stay inside, fill up the bath. Give everything a great big clean and wash. Everyone will end up wet but that’s just part of the fun!

2. Surfaces

Grab some gloves and get wiping. White vinegar, hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol are all great for cleaning toys. Give the children a cloth dipped in vinegar and get them to wipe over some toys. Note: make sure your children are old enough and responsible enough not to sniff or ingest the cloth. Follow the safety precautions on the bottle. Of course be cautious with battery operated, electrical, and toys with exposed wires. Be sure not to let any liquid drip inside the toys. Just rubbing a cloth dipped in these products will clean it up good as new. If you’re unsure about getting the children to help when using cleaning products, simply give them a damp cloth or baby wipe and they can  ‘help too.’

3. Plastic blocks and Lego

After the kids have had a bath, pop in ½ a capful of antiseptic and tip in all the blocks. Give them a good swash around. Pull the plug and leave them so the water drains out. Once most of the water has drained, gather all of the items into a large towel (like a beach towel) and give them a shake. Pop them outside or in a warm room to dry, they won’t take long. Lego and Duplo can also be put in a delicates bag and in popped into the top drawer of the dishwasher. 

4. Dolls

Dolls can be delicate and often only require surface cleaning. Try using a baby wipe or a cotton bud and white vinegar to get into all the little spaces. For dolls hair such as Barbie, simply use a tiny bit of dishwashing liquid and comb through. If the hair is extremely dirty or tangled, soak in hair conditioner and water.

5. Wooden toys

Wooden toys are easily cleaned with a cloth and white vinegar or with products such as tea tree or eucalyptus oils. Use cotton buds to get into the tiny detailed areas. 
Of course once you’ve worked your way through all of the toys, you won’t want to forget the floors! To spring clean the entire play area, move everything out and then sweep, mop or vacuum. Then pop everything back in its place once it’s clean. Plus, it’s then the perfect opportunity to switch out some items that the children no longer play with, or to do a re-arrange of the play space to keep it organized and functional.
Happy Spring Cleaning!