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Montessori-trained Nanny

A Montessori nanny will provide a care service that is based on respect, it is child-centred with open-ended play and learning. We specialise in finding nannies that have the desired training, personality and ethics that are important to your family so that your parenting style is continued by your nanny.

From our experience, most parents hope to find a nanny who will provide a safe and positive environment for their children. A Montessori nanny’s main aim will be to facilitate happy children who are busy on self-chosen, uninterrupted work and play.

Montessori is a comprehensive method of observing and aiding the natural development of children. Genuine Montessori approach and educational practice helps children flourish with creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, time-management, care of the environment and each other. Montessori, founded by Maria Montessori, is focused on cognitive functioning, such as concentration, strong sense of order and logical thinking.

Planning by a Happy Nest nanny is provided in the child’s own home or outdoor environment which results in activities that are calm, peaceful and orderly. Respect for the materials is emphasised through leaving the workspace tidy when finished.

Montessori-trained nanny agency - Happy Nest

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Advanced Screening

Did you know less than 5% of applicants pass our superior vetting process: NannyHire Check™. See our process here.

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    Hiring a Montessori Nanny

    Today there are many different training and accreditation bodies throughout the world offering Montessori courses to child carers, to give you peace of mind here at Happy Nest we will validate all of these qualifications. We provide the most advanced vetting in this industry and as such provide all our families with a detailed pack on each nanny we shortlist to you. As an example, this includes a detailed profile, a minimum of 4 previous employment references to read through, a psychometric character assessment, a fully enhanced criminal background check. Additional information is also included, more details on this can be found here.

    Our advice is to provide plenty of time to aid in your search for a Montessori nanny, many of the best might not currently be available and/or have a waiting list. Some may be about to relocate or their current charges are going off to school soon in the new term.

    The best place to find out more information on hiring a Montessori nanny would be to get in touch with our specialist nanny consultant, you can have a chat through your ideas of what you feel might best fit your requirements. We may also suggest options that you perhaps haven’t considered yet, the sooner we commence working through the role description with you, the easier you will feel about the whole process.

    We are here at every step of the way providing ongoing support, monthly payslips for your nanny and our solicitor drafts every nanny contract.

    The Happy Nest Promise

    Happy Nest only introduce you to childcare providers who match your requirements, and who we would entrust our own children with. Finding you the perfect Montessori-trained nanny is our responsibility as a specialist nanny agency, and we are lucky to represent some of the very best thought the UK.

    We offer permanent and temporary childcare and nanny services from our offices in Chester Cheshire, Leeds Yorkshire, London and Leigh-on-Sea Essex.

    For more information about hiring a Montessori Nanny, you can give us a call on 0800 955 8868 and we will be happy to talk through your requirements and how we can help.

    Montessori Nanny Duties

    Some suggested duties for a Montessori Nanny might look like:

    Montessori method - Happy Nest Nanny Agency
    • Facilitating daily activities for the whole child-focused on; hand-eye coordination, music and movement, practical life tasks, arts and crafts, language
    • Rotate and set up attractive play/learning activities on a shelf, prepared so they can help themselves. Such as loose parts, sorting & mystery bags
    • Include the child in practical life tasks around the home wherever possible; assisting them to get themselves dressed, making the bed together, feed pets together, prepare and cook nutritious whole food snacks/meals together, set the table and clear up together etc.
    • All-weather exploration; pop on the puddle suits & out for a treasure hunt, build a hut, making outdoor art with mud & leaves, watching insects at work with a magnifying glass, growing vegetables together, seasonal activities
    • Water activities; buckets, sprinklers, spraying the windows, tuff tray creations
    • Find moments of quiet & go slow when needed, a Montessori nanny knows when it’s time for a nap, story in the den, or lying on the grass watching the clouds
    • Helping you with applying the Montessori principles to your home, you might be an expert or looking to gain some advice along the way. Working together with someone who shares your child-led values is so inspiring
    • Observing fine-motor skills, communication, social & emotional development, and cognitive development. Your nanny will know when to sit back to see opportunities instead of limiting their creativity or curiosity
    • You nanny will help to provide a safe and accepting space, giving your children significance and belonging. Truly seeing the world through your child’s eye is quite a talent, it allows the nanny to connect and provide acceptance
    • Montessori nannies communicate respectfully to the children; instead of praising, “good girl/boy, good job”, they give feedback and provide effort  “You put all the trucks back in the box”. Instead of saying “No”, they provide positive language

    Salary Rates | Montessori Nanny UK

    Happy Nest only represents childcare providers with a minimum of at least three years of professional childcare experience. They are all over 21 years of age and have a valid and recent criminal background check (DBS Check).

    As a guide you could expect to pay around £18+ per hour gross for a live out Montessori Nanny, and typically slightly less for live in support. Nannies require a salary reflective of their experience, qualifications and location.

    For an informal discussion about our nanny-finding service, please contact Happy Nest Nanny Agency on 0800 955 8868 or send us a message.