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Nanny / Housekeeper

A Nanny Housekeeper really does combine two services in one and offers invaluable support for busy families. Rather than using childcare which involves dropping-off and collection plus a cleaner, a Nanny Housekeeper can look after your children at home, help with household chores, and even have dinner on the table by the time you get home.

Rather than spending your evening cooking and cleaning, you can spend quality time with your family. We can find you a housekeeping nanny that provides childcare support when you need it – full time or part time – live-in or live-out – and has the qualities and skills that you are looking for.

How will you benefit from a Nanny Housekeeper?

Most working families struggle with the everyday chores that need doing namely cleaning, laundry and cooking. Those working the modern working week finishing work at 5 – 5:30, then collect their children from nursery and get home to have to put a meal together, put the children to bed and then do the chores.  Either that or weekends are spent doing chores and not enough fun stuff. If this scenario sounds familiar, your entire family would benefit from the services of a Nanny Housekeeper.

You can specify shift patterns so that your nanny helps with the childcare before and after school, and during the day helps with housekeeping and preparing the evening meal.  If you need full-time childcare help 3 days a week, or to fit around shift-work that can be provided too.

With Happy Nest, you really can tailor your nanny and housekeeping requirements to suit your family’s lifestyle and values.

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How we're different

Advanced Screening

Did you know less than 5% of applicants pass our superior vetting process: NannyHire Check™. See our process here.

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    The Happy Nest Promise

    Happy Nest only introduce you to nannies who match your requirements, and who we would entrust our own children with. For example, newborns would only be left in the care of one of our nannies who is highly experienced working with babies. Nannies come with a variety of experience and knowledge of certain age groups. Finding you the perfect nanny housekeeper is our responsibility as a specialist nanny agency, and we are lucky to represent some of the very best in the UK.

    Happy Nest Fundamentals

    We will introduce you to nannies who are experienced in early years education, who match your families unique requirements, and who are exceptionally reliable. We offer permanent and temporary nanny services from our offices in Chester Cheshire, Leeds Yorkshire, London and Leigh-on-Sea Essex.

    For a personal discussion, contact Happy Nest Nanny Agency on 0800 955 8868. We can inform you about our nanny-finding service in more detail and offer helpful advice based on your families individual requirements.

    Employing a nanny

    Happy Nest provides a complete service where we not only find you the perfect nanny, but we can also take care of all the additional details such as employment contracts, insurance and payroll.

    For an informal discussion about our nanny housekeeper service, please contact Happy Nest Nanny Agency on 0800 955 8868 or email us at hello@happy-nest.co.uk.

    Nanny Duties

    Happy Nest Nannies, including our specialist nannies, are accountable for all nursery duties. This includes laundry, cleaning and cooking but usually only for the children.

    Nanny Housekeeper services from Happy Nest Nanny Agency

    Your Nanny Housekeeper’s responsibilities would be:

    Supporting your children and family home with care and domestic duties:

    • Sole charge care of the children or work alongside parents
    • Escorting the children to school, nursery, or playgroup
    • Providing support directly to the parents such as Cooking or PA duties, maintaining household accounts, paying bills, dealing with other household staff such as gardeners and taking deliveries
    • Depending on the families level of support required, some nanny-housekeepers may be employed on a live-in or a live-out basis, their duties will be amended to reflect this
    • Traditionally nanny housekeepers who work alongside parents tend to have more housekeeping duties than childcare duties. This, however, can be in negotiated to fit into the correct ratio that fits your family’s needs
    • Housekeeping tasks are typically cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, tidying, laundry and ironing
    • Additional duties that are frequently requested are pet care, house-sitting and baby-sitting

    Salary Rates | Nanny – Housekeeper

    Happy Nest only represent nannies with a minimum of at least three years professional childcare experience. They are all over 21 years of age and have a valid and recent criminal background check (DBS Check). Nannies charge a rate dependant on the hours required and relevant to their experience and qualifications.

    Live out nanny housekeepers cost £12- £20+ per hour.

    Live in nanny housekeeper cost £500 – £1000+ rates may vary but are a great childcare option for families who often travel or for busy parents with demanding careers.

    For an informal discussion about our nanny-finding service, please contact Happy Nest Nanny Agency on 0800 955 8868.