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Full Time Live In Nanny

A Full Time live-in nanny offers invaluable flexibility and reliability: perfect for busy households. With the most advanced vetting in our industry, you can trust us to find the most suitable nanny for your happy nest.

A live in nanny provides childcare support for your children in their own home and lives in your home as their main residence. The main benefits of hiring a nanny that lives with you are:

  • A live-in nanny is typically more flexible if you require variable hours, and they can also babysit a few evenings
  • A live-in nanny becomes a member of the family providing stability for your children, especially if you work shifts or travel frequently for work.

A live-in nanny can also travel with the family providing consistent care for your children. If you are a family that travels a lot due to business or family, your nanny can accompany you and provide all the care that you receive at home.

How a Live-In Nanny can support your family

Most families employ a live-in nanny to care for their children on average 8-12 hours per day, 5 days per week. Some families request a few evenings babysitting which can be included in the weekly salary.

Normally, nannies are in sole charge of your children but can also provide support alongside the parents, acting as an extra pair of very reliable hands! There are huge benefits to hiring a live-in nanny, such as having someone available more often and they become part of the family unit.

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How we're different

Advanced Screening

Did you know less than 5% of applicants pass our superior vetting process: NannyHire Check™. See our process here.

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    The Happy Nest Promise

    Happy Nest only introduce you to nannies who match your requirements, and who we would entrust our own children with. For example, newborns would only be left in the care of one of our nannies who is highly experienced working with babies. Live in nannies come with a variety of experience and knowledge of certain age groups. Finding you the perfect nanny is our responsibility as a specialist nanny agency, and we are lucky to represent some of the very best thought the UK.

    Happy Nest Fundamentals

    We will introduce you to nannies who are experienced in early years education, who match your families unique requirements, and who are exceptionally reliable. We offer permanent and temporary nanny services from our offices in Chester Cheshire, Leeds Yorkshire, London and Leigh-on-Sea Essex.

    For a personal discussion, contact Happy Nest Nanny Agency on 0800 955 8868. We can inform you about our nanny-finding service in more detail and offer helpful advice based on your families individual requirements.

    Nanny Duties

    Happy Nest Nannies, including our specialist nannies, are accountable for all nursery duties. This includes laundry, cleaning and cooking but usually only for the children.

    Live-in nanny - Happy Nest Nanny Agency

    Your live-in nanny’s responsibilities would be:

    • Sole charge care of the children
    • Creating and delivering activities for the complete development of the children
    • Liaising with parents regarding every detail of their children’s care
    • Produce nutritious and wholesome meals appropriate to the requirements of each child
    • Housekeeping in the nursery, bedroom, play-areas and elsewhere as agreed
    • Housekeeping relating to nanny accommodation provided for by the family
    • Laundering and repairing of the children’s clothes or toys
    • Maintaining cleanliness of any household equipment relating to the care of the children
    • Thorough knowledge and maintenance of the children’s apparatus e.g. car seats
    • Preparing and escorting the children on holidays such as visiting family or other excursions
    • Escorting the children to school, nursery, or playgroup
    • Accompanying the children on excursions suitable to their age and to their interests
    • Caring for and administering medication when the children are unwell

    Additional duties can be negotiated in the nanny contract, however, Happy Nest nannies will not be expected to complete non-child related housekeeping duties unless agreed in advance.

    Salary Rates | Live In Nanny

    Happy Nest only represents nannies with a minimum of at least three years of professional childcare experience. They are all over 21 years of age and have a valid and recent criminal background check (DBS Check). Nannies charge a rate dependant on the hours required and relevant to their experience and qualifications. Live-in nannies cost £600 to £1000+ per week. Your nanny will require a private bedroom and it is common for families to offer self-contained accommodation with a private bathroom where possible for their nanny. Live in nannies are a great childcare option for families who often travel or for busy parents with demanding careers.

    For an informal discussion about our nanny-finding service, please contact Happy Nest Nanny Agency on 0800 955 8868 or send us a message.