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Mother’s Help

Most families often feel they need an extra pair of supportive hands around the home, to help things run smoothly for the whole family. Typically a Mother’s help / Father’s help is employed to be just that, giving you back those precious hours in the day that always seem to disappear on things like sorting the PE kits, clearing up after dinner, and packing away all the toys.

The role of a Mother’s Help is to support the parent(s), grandparents, or guardians with childcare. A fun and capable extra pair of hands there to care for the children, run around playing on scooters and bikes in the garden while you are freed up to answer those emails or prepare dinner. Someone who knows the daily schedule and generally makes home life a lot less stressful.

Mother’s Help is typically a shared care role, and it’s expected that a parent or guardian will be around for the majority of the time.

Most of our families get in touch if they’re expecting another child, if they have twins, or due to one parent frequently travelling away with work. Or if we’re completely honest I think every family would love a Mother’s help, no matter how many children you have! Our aim is to help make things a thousand times easier for everyone at home.

A Mother’s Help is usually less qualified or experienced as a professional nanny and as such have a slightly lower rate of pay. They work very hard to provide a stimulating and happy environment for the children. Allowing Mum or Dad to have some one-to-one time with each child while the others are busy with the Mother’s Help building a den or playing at the park.

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    The Happy Nest Promise

    Happy Nest only introduce you to childcare providers who match your requirements, and who we would entrust our own children with. Finding you the perfect mother’s help or nanny is our responsibility as a specialist nanny agency, and we are lucky to represent some of the very best thought the UK.

    Happy Nest Fundamentals

    We will introduce you to childcare providers who are experienced in early years education, who match your families unique requirements, and who are exceptionally reliable. We offer permanent and temporary childcare and nanny services from our offices in Chester Cheshire, Leeds Yorkshire, London and Leigh-on-Sea Essex.

    For more information about the difference between a Nanny and a Mother’s Help you can give us a call on 0800 955 8868 and we will be happy to talk through your daily schedule and see what will work best for your family.

    Mother’s Help Duties

    Here a are some of the duties that a few of our families ask their Mother’s Help to support them with:

    Mother's Help Hire - Happy Nest Nanny Agency

    Your Mother’s Help’s responsibilities would be:

    • Arrive early to help with the preschool rush hour
    • Preparing packed lunches, snacks or an evening meal in the slow cooker
    • Help with meal planning or prepping for the week
    • Cleaning and organising baby bottles or batch cooking weaning foods
    • Taking care of some domestic chores such as the children’s laundry and children’s bedding
    • Cleaning toys, setting up creative activities, and helping with homework
    • Sensory play with baby while Mum takes a break, a shower, or is busy with the older children
    • Helping out with light housekeeping to keep home clean for children such as hoovering and mopping
    • Lend a hand with the school or nursery run
    • Assisting with errands such as library books, and extra curricular classes
    • Take the dog for a walk
    • Help with bath and bed time
    • All hands on deck during the school holidays and half terms
    • Baby-sitting for the all important date nights, and joining the family on holiday

    Salary Rates | Mother’s Help

    Happy Nest only represents childcare providers with a minimum of at least three years of professional childcare experience. They are all over 21 years of age and have a valid and recent criminal background check (DBS Check).  A Mother’s Help is a great childcare option for families who often travel or for busy parents with demanding careers.

    As a guide you could expect to pay between £270 – £400 per week (gross) for a live out Mother’s Help, and slightly less for live in support. Nannies and Mother’s Help charge a rate dependant on the hours required and relevant to their experience and qualifications.

    For an informal discussion about our nanny-finding service, please contact Happy Nest Nanny Agency on 0800 955 8868 or send us a message.