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Nanny Roles

Looking for your perfect nanny?

A nanny can make a world of difference to your family and the ideal nanny is the one that fits seamlessly into your household and fills in the gaps where you need help the most.

Each family has its own unique dynamic and needs which is why our service is so personal and we pull out all the stops to find you the perfect nanny no matter what you’re looking for or how hard we have to work. You can view the main roles that we recruit for here.

Why use a nanny rather than childcare?

Childcare can be a very positive experience for many children, but it does have its limitations. Namely, the hours are rigid and working parents struggle with drop-off and collection times. A nanny takes care of your children in their own home environment and can be there before you leave for work in the morning and have your children fed, bathed and ready for bed by the time you return.

Your nanny could even have your evening meal ready. This is just one of the benefits of using a nanny over childcare – we can find you a nanny that works around irregular working hours, will travel abroad with your family, has specialist skills or training or can speak other languages, or can help you in other areas such as housework or within your home business.

A nanny offers a holistic childcare service – one that makes a real difference to how your family functions which ultimately means that you get to spend much more quality time together as a family.

Why use a nanny agency?

The process of finding and employing a nanny can be very time-consuming and difficult. As a nanny agency, we have extensive knowledge in recruitment, marketing, employment law, insurance & payroll which means that we can take the headache of finding someone completely out of your hands and do all the hard work for you.

We also know our industry really well and can provide you with as much advice and support that you need. That combined with our intensive screening and referencing process means that you will have peace of mind knowing that your children and home are in very safe hands.

Nanny Roles

These are the main nanny roles that we recruit for:

Live-in Nanny

Live out nanny

Nanny Housekeeper

Nanny PA

British Governess

Mother's Help

Nanny Duties

Happy Nest Nannies, including our specialist nannies, are accountable for all nursery duties. This includes laundry, cleaning and cooking but usually only for the children.

Nanny / Personal Assistant (PA) - Happy Nest Nanny Agency

A nanny’s core responsibilities are:

  • Sole charge care of the children
  • Creating and delivering activities for the complete development of the children
  • Liaising with parents regarding every detail of their children’s care
  • Produce nutritious and wholesome meals appropriate to the requirements of each child
  • Housekeeping in the nursery, bedroom, play-areas and elsewhere as agreed with the parents
  • Housekeeping relating to nanny accommodation provided for by the family
  • Laundering and repairing of the children’s clothes or toys
  • Maintaining cleanliness of any household equipment relating to the care of the children
  • Thorough knowledge and maintenance of the children’s apparatus e.g. car seats
  • Preparing and escorting the children on holidays such as visiting family or other excursions
  • Escorting the children to school, nursery, or playgroup
  • Accompanying the children on excursions suitable to their age and to their interests
  • Caring for and administering medication when the children are unwell

Additional duties can be negotiated.

For an informal discussion about our comprehensive nanny recruitment service, please contact Happy Nest Nanny Agency on 0800 955 8868 or send us a message.