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Children Internet Safety

Internet safety for children is a crucial aspect of modern parenting and nannying; keeping children safe online is a vital concern in today’s digital world. It involves teaching children about responsible online behaviour, understanding the risks of sharing personal information and knowing what to do

A day in the life of a new born

Welcome to the wacky world of newborns! Where the days are long, the years are short and the most mundane activities can become the stuff of legend. Let’s dive into the humorous and heartwarming reality of a day in the life of a newborn… 5am:

Nanny Myths and Misconceptions

Hiring a nanny can be beneficial in so many ways however not everyone initially sees it in a positive light. “Uniforms are required” Not every nanny wears uniforms, only a select few such as Norland College nannies. Wearing your own clothes gives you the best

The Importance of trial days when hiring a nanny

Here at Happy Nest HQ we thoroughly vet our clients using our NannyHire Check™ service to ensure only the best reach you, however the next step is to give them the opportunity for a trial in your home. Don’t worry – you’ll receive our hand