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Nanny Fashion – All the latest trends and tips to style the perfect nanny wardrobe

Nanny Fashion – All the latest trends and tips to style the perfect nanny wardrobe


Hot on the kitten heels and cowboy boots of London Fashion week SS20, we’ve put together a handy Happy Nest round-up of the latest trends in nanny fashion.


Discover all you need to know to ooze style while scraping baked beans off the high chair and sashay with style down the nappy aisle at the supermarket.


Go on, take your front-row seat (between Victoria Beckham and Anna Wintour obvs) and practice your best pout for our very own Nanny Fashion catwalk collection.


Mixing practical chic with personal style for your nanny interview

When it comes to meeting your new family less is definitely more. Heavy make-up and your best frock probably isn’t the look to go for. You don’t want your outfit to outshine your amazing nanny skills! But don’t be afraid to show a little personality either. It will help everyone see if you’re the best fit for that family. Think practical goddess.


What’s hot and what’s not for everyday nanny wear

‘Classic comfort’ is the lookfor everyday nanny wear. Easy, effortless ensembles that say ‘I’m ready for anything.’ Because basically, you’re going to have to be. Jeans are in this season (and basically every season, forever). Team them with simple t-shirts, blouses and tops.


You’ll be running, lifting, carrying and probably getting covered in food, paint and snot – so best leave the crop-tops and silk blouses at home and embrace manmade fibres and easy wash items instead.


Seasonal trends and essential items for all-weather glamour

The wet look and cold blues are definitely out this year. Essential wardrobe items include a pack-able waterproof and cosy cardi for those long, cold afternoons at the park and the inevitable school run soaking. (The heavens always open at five to three, it’s a thing.)


Choose light layers that can be discarded for toddler chasing and remember you won’t have a spare hand for a brolly if you’re pushing a buggy, so hoods are a must-have for rainy days.


Spotlight on footwear

A nanny’s feet are her superpower. You will be on your feet all day, chasing little monsters, walking to school or playgroup, and making food. So make sure you’ve got some super shoes on your side. Be comfy and cute by investing in some smart trainers or pumps and maybe some slippers to wear in the house. You’ll thank us in December.


Beauty trends and accessories – studs, up-dos and the no-make-up-look



Generally anything that can be yanked, pulled or chewed is a no-no. If you’re desperate to accessorize and have a teething tot to look after there are some super-stylish silicone teething necklaces out there. They come with safety catches and in an amazing array of styles that can add a pop of colour to an outfit. Just make sure you get the ‘ok’ from your employer and follow the instructions to keep it clean.



Essential for any nanny wardrobe – the nappy bag! This could be a whole blog in itself, but here’s our top 3 tips:


Keep it little and light – you’ll be carrying it all day and a heavy bag will tip the buggy over.

Consider a rucksack – there are some gorg ones out there that will leave your hands free for other things.

The nappy clutch – keep a small, essentials ‘bag-in-a-bag’ with one nappy, wipes and cream. Change areas can be pokey and there’s often nowhere to put your nappy bag. A small bag of bare essentials will let you grab-and-go without juggling a baby and a heavy bag is really useful.

We love this Etta Clutch from Tiba & Marl.

Nanny Fashion Blog - Etta Clutch Nappy Bag


The natural beauty look is always a nanny fashion winner. Pushing the buggy makes you perspire so keep makeup minimal. Don’t bother with expensive manicures either. It’s a waste when nappy changes and food prep mean your hands will be in water all day.


Take our advice and invest in a really nice hand cream instead. I love Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream to protect my hands during the day and I treat myself to Aveda Hand Relief in the evening. Bliss.


Predictions for Winter 2020

Newsflash – it will be cold. Again. A warm coat is an essential wardrobe item for any nanny. Lightweight is all the rage this winter. Try something toasty warm and can be squished under the pushchair if you end up carrying the toddler home.


We also predict Mummy Mitts are going to be huge – combining practicality, cosiness and convenience to make them a must-have item for pushing the buggy on cold days.


Sustainable fashion

There are so many wonderful conscious bloggers out there sharing their wise words and tips on slow fashion. Making choices that are free from animal products, toxic chemicals and plastics is a win win in our eyes, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Check out the wonderful @LyndseyStripped blog for inspo on simple capsule wardrobes.

Lyndsey Stripped Nanny Fashion Blog

So, that concludes our round-up of all the key talking-points of Nanny Fashion Spring 2020, but we’d love to know what you’ll be wearing in the months to come.


If you’re a nanny and you have some top fashion tips we haven’t mentioned, why not comment below and share your wisdom. Or send us your best #nannystyle pic via our Facebook and Twitter feed.


Can’t wait to see your fashion game on the nanny catwalks (basically the park) soon.




The Happy Nest Team x