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Here’s Why We Recommend You Have Nanny Insurance

Just landed your new nanny job? Congrats, now it’s time to think about nanny insurance!

You’ll be full of fresh ideas and excited to hit the ground running! And thinking about how to protect yourself in your new role. Wise move.


Whether you’re new to this industry or an old hat, it’s vital you proceed with care and safeguard your career.


Knowledge gives us power. That’s the saying. And we know it to be true! We do our best, always, to give you the tools and know-how to ensure you progress in your career. And to ensure you are very happy with your career.


And whilst most of it comes down to being well informed, and acting in a professional manner, we also assist with employment contracts, advise you on your rights to fair work, and take action to protect your professional interests. We also help the family to understand their employer obligations.


But even with this due diligence, naivety on your part or simply accidents (they happen!) could lead to messy situations if you fail to take out nanny insurance and something, god forbid, goes wrong. So it’s time to remove any rose-tinted glasses and let’s have some real talk. 


It’s time to protect yourself before you wreck yourself.


OK, we couldn’t help ourselves! Don’t be alarmed; the situation is not that dire. Yet. Although without the correct protection, and even with the best of intentions, you could find yourself in a pickle. Which is why today we’re talking about nanny insurance, and why it’s a good idea to take out cover.


First things first, we’ll go over what is nanny insurance. Whether you need it to work as a nanny in the UK. And how to go about taking out coverage. Plus, we’ll briefly mention motor insurance policies, and how they differ from that of nanny insurance.


What is nanny insurance?

Nanny insurance is public liability insurance for qualified or experienced nannies who care for a child (or children) aged zero to seventeen in the child’s home. This cover also applies to maternity nurses and night nannies who are working with infants and their pre- and post-natal mothers in the mother’s own home.


Essentially, this cover offers you protection in case [heaven forbid] anything should happen to the children or the property whilst in your care.


Now you’re probably thinking, well I’m a good nanny so nothing is going to happen. And you’re right, we bet you’ve got everything sorted. But in the event that something did go wrong (like a toddler tripping and seriously hurting themselves whilst on your watch) it’s best to have protection.


Perhaps you’re also thinking, well I’ve got the most awesome nanny family ever (yass) and I know they would never blame me for anything. Here’s the thing. Whilst we’re sure they are the best family ever (we know because we merry-match-maked you all), going ahead without sufficient coverage is simply not worth the risk.


Because from one mother to another, I fully admit wholeheartedly and without hesitation that I’d go all warrier-mama-bear in defense of my child if required. #sorrynotsorry 


With this in mind, it would be unwise to turn a blind eye to the importance of appropriate insurance cover. Honestly, peace of mind is everything in the nanny game!


Nanny insurance will protect you in case you’re deemed responsible, and therefore liable to pay damages.


Do I need nanny insurance to work as a nanny in the UK?

Unless you are an Ofsted registered nanny, the short answer is no. Whilst we 100% advise you take out a nanny insurance policy, non-registered nannies do not need insurance in order to legally work as a nanny in the UK. However, it is a requirement of our candidate screening that all Happy Nest nannies have valid nanny insurance coverage.


It’s important to note that the nanny must pay for their own nanny insurance, not the parents (employers). This is because in the event of a claim, it would be the parents who would be claiming against the policy.


What does an insurance policy cover you for?

Nanny insurance policies provide you with cover such as Public Liability and Professional Indemnity. Your policy will also offer Third Party Property cover, and account for any eventual legal costs up to a certain amount. Depending on your provider, you might also have access to helplines and counselling support.


Your nanny insurance policy will indemnify you from things like incorrectly administered First Aid (where you could be deemed at fault), and even child-at-fault accidents (in a situation where you couldn’t have reasonably done anything more to prevent it from happening). These kinds of situations could happen in any childcare setting–like a nursery or preschool– and just as these providers have the appropriate insurance measures in place, it’s likewise necessary to ensure the relevant cover is in place within the domestic setting too.


Policies are usually taken out as annual premiums, and can be applied for online with payments made via monthly direct debit. Plus, Ofsted registered nannies receive discounted premiums. There are various nanny insurance providers available. We recommend Morton Michel.


One more thing to mention before we finish up, is motor insurance cover whilst working as a nanny (or maternity nurse, sleep consultant, night nanny etc).


Is nanny insurance the same as motor insurance? And does my nanny insurance policy cover my car? 

Firstly, you should be aware that your nanny insurance policy does not cover you for car usage. In addition to your nanny insurance policy, you will need to take out separate motor insurance.


Secondly, motor insurance is slightly more tricky to discuss than regular nanny insurance. Because the level of insurance required to cover a child for whom someone is paid to care for is not always 100% clear.


Simply put, if you’re using your car to carry children (like your nanny children), then this is considered as a business purpose. Therefore you will need to have the appropriate level of coverage, and your standard motor insurance will not be adequate. 


Specialist insurers will add a clause to your policy. Usually at an additional fee. So you’ll need to advise your insurance brokers if you’re using your car for work. Alternatively, you can speak directly with Morton Michel. At the time of publishing, they’re the only UK providers to offer motor insurance which includes childcare business use coverage at no extra cost.


Confused by all this motoring talk? We don’t blame you! As a general rule of thumb, Business Motor Insurance Class 1 should provide sufficient coverage. And if you’re not sure whether your motor insurance is valid for work purposes, feel free to ask us. Or speak directly to our recommended insurance brokers Morton Michel.


The argument for nanny insurance; professionalism. 

So there you have it. It’s not mandatory (yet) to have a valid nanny insurance policy. But we do consider it to be a professional obligation. In our opinion, no nanny should be without nanny insurance.

Now that you’ve got everything you need to know about nanny insurance, we hope you’ll take immediate action to ensure you’re covered. It’s your career, well-being, and peace of mind after all! If you’re not sure whether your nanny insurance policy is valid, please get in touch. Or for questions about your coverage, and for policy advice, we recommend you speak to your insurance provider.

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