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Celebrating Summer: Reasons to love the holidays despite yourself

Celebrating the summer holidays: Reasons to love them despite yourself


Wow, wasn’t summer a blast? A blur of parks, pools and outdoor adventures. Long, lazy days hanging out in pyjamas and having fun with family and friends.

Most schools start again this week and suddenly – rather surprisingly – I’m not ready for them to end. Life pre-hols is like a fuzzy dream. (How did we ever get out of the house before 11am?) But end they must.

So if you haven’t finished your back to school preparations yet our handy Back to School Checklist can help you with that.

But before we re-enter the world of packed lunches and smelly plimsolls, I’d like to take a moment to celebrate the summer holidays.


All the feels about summer

Yes I did say ‘celebrate’. I know, weird right? Six weeks ago I was having palpitations at the thought of negotiating work, childcare and two children at home to entertain. Now I’m feeling teary and nostalgic. It’s mixed with hefty doses of relief and exhaustion, but I’m definitely feeling it.


It’s confusing. I do a little fist-pump when I think about being able to regain control of the house, find the floor and have a bit of peace. And then well-up at the thought of losing them back to school. What’s wrong with me?


Don’t get me wrong, the holidays have been far from perfect. There have been some dark times and grinding of teeth. But there were really amazing times too. And it all went by so fast.


So why am I feeling the summer holiday blues?

Summer has a special place in the family calendar. The school holidays may be a bombshell in our schedule each year, but they scatter as much joy as they do chaos.


They’re not exactly relaxing, but there is much to embrace. No school runs, or set times for leaving the house. But there’s more to it than that.


On reflection there are some seriously good reasons to love the summer holidays. And here are a few of mine.


Summer loving: Reasons to love the summer holidays


Family time

The summer holidays are a chance to hang out as a unit and relax in each other’s company. To get to know each other again outside the pressures of work and busy schedules. Eat together, have long chats and late bedtimes. It’s a rare and beautiful thing.


Adventure time

The great expanse of free time allows a blank page on which to make your own schedule and create your own adventures. Holidays, camping, bike rides, imagination in abundance. A chance to experience new things and learn new skills.



Summer holidays are a marker in the family history book. The world slows on its axis for a moment and like a time lapse video you watch your children grow before your eyes. This was the summer they learnt to swim, talk, walk, laugh. Wow.



Days on the beach and camps in the woods. Paddling pools in the garden and wanderings in the park. These are the photos we’ll look back on and moments we’ll remember in years to come. Embrace them all.


On the other hand – when does school start?

Summer has been wonderful, but I’m well and truly pooped.


Whether you’re a nanny or a parent, creating all those memories is tiring work. Especially if you have multiple children with different ages, needs and interests to cater for. It’s a non-stop rollercoaster of fun, food and tears.


Time to give yourself a pat on the back. You made it. It’s nearly September and you survived. Not only that – you cared, nurtured, played and (for about five minutes) relaxed.


Like it or not, normal service will soon resume. So enjoy your last few days of summer. Celebrate the holidays for the wonders they bring. Hold your babes tight and take it all in. Soon the next chapter will begin.


See you there.


The Happy Nest Team x



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