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Be ready for September with our ‘Back to School Checklist’

Be ready for September with our ‘Back to School’ checklist.


September fast approaches and there’s a lot to do if your children are heading back to school.


Luckily we’ve got the perfect (tongue-in-cheek) checklist to get you ready for the start of term.


Back to School


  • Check term dates. What day do they actually start? Are you sure? It’s surprisingly easy to miss those sneaky extra INSET days. Freedom may be one more day away than you think.


  • School Uniform. Is it still stewing at the bottom of the wash bin? Does it still fit? Start panic-buying socks.


  • Find PE kit. Carry out hygiene testing from a safe distance. Burn if necessary.


  • School shoes fitted. Brace yourself. It’s not pretty but the shoe shop queue awaits. Bribe them with cake, I did. (That’s some serious parenting skillz right there.)


  • Name tags. Ironing is for suckers. We highly recommend Stikins and Stamptastic for all your non-sewing and ironing name-tagging needs.


  • OMG. Homework! Remember that crumpled bit of paper with coffee stains and your shopping list on the back? That’s the kids’ summer holiday homework. Maybe dig it out.


  • Check school bags. Empty mouldy apple cores, biscuit crumbs and anything else that might be living in there.


  • Wash lunch boxes. Put aside at least two days for coordinating tupperware lids with boxes.


  • Childcare. That’s what we’re here for, so let us do the worrying for you. If your circumstances are changing and you need some advice on the best nanny options available get in touch today.


  • Pay fees. Make sure you’ve sorted all your fees for lunches, swimming, school clubs. There’s nothing worse than being shamed by your grumpy child for forgetting to sign them up for after-school drama.


  • Assemble swim kit. Avoid doing the school run twice on that first swim day. We’ve all been there.


And most importantly.


  • Take a deep breath. Stop to look around. Watch them play, memorise their faces and hold them tight before another year begins.



Good luck. See you at the school gates looking seriously smug after ticking all those off.


Hopefully on the right day!


All the best


The Happy Nest Team x

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