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Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine

After a stormy weekend the temperature is predicted to soar over the next few days. And we know how tricky it is keeping little ones calm and cool in hot weather, so we’ve gathered together a few activity ideas that might help. From cooling recipes to sensory water play ideas, read on to keep the thundery outbreaks on your roof rather than under it.

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Play It Cool

When the sun is at it’s hottest, often the best thing to do with young children is stay out of it altogether. Children and babies are much more vulnerable to overheating and dehydration so maybe just shut out the sun and hang out indoors.

Keeping little ones entertained inside for long stretches may fill your heart with dread, but believe it or not there’s endless fun to be had with the freezer drawer and emptying things out of ice cubes trays (even when it’s not going in your gin and tonic.)

There are some brilliant suggestions on our Play it Cool pinterest board (see below), including making ice lollies and freezing small toys like pom poms or dinosaurs in ice cube trays. You can also make smoothies or add fruit to water to encourage children to drink and stay dehydrated. That should keep them occupied for a little while.

And if do you have to go out, try to avoid the hottest part of the day (around midday) by heading out early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Keep out of the sun as much as possible and go all-in on the high-factor suncream, sun hats, light layers and UV clothing.

We know, covering small people in sun cream is as much fun as wrestling a wet fish, but it is an absolute must. Maybe (with parent’s permission of course) try some of the high-factor roll-on or solid stick suncreams. We’ve found them much easier to apply and with help older children can often do some of it themselves, which makes for less wrestling.

The NHS website has plenty of good advice for heatwaves, including keeping babies and young children safe. Don’t forget that some medicines need to be kept cool and nightwear and bedclothes should be kept to a minimum. Read all the latest advice carefully and perhaps make sure your paediatric first aid is up-to-date so you know what to do if a child in your care gets overheated.

But sometimes the best way to stay cool is to find a nice shady spot in the garden and just let them get really wet in a paddling pool or water tray. Water is great for sensory play and keeping cool. Just remember to stay close and keep a watchful eye as you should never leave babies or children unattended around water, even for a minute.

So, grab a pile of towels, be prepared to get wet and let them loose.


Let Them Get Wet – Water Play and Other Ideas For Keeping Cool

We’ve put together some of our favourite watery activities on the Happy Nest Pinterest page. There are pouring and squirting games to try as well as things to freeze and recipe ideas for smoothies and ice lollies. Learn about floating and sinking, freezing and melting. And most importantly keep cool and hydrated.
May the sun shine brightly this week (but not too hot) on you all. And may you all eat many ice creams.


All the best

The Happy Nest Team x

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