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In charge of childcare this summer? Enjoy the holidays without wearing yourself out

In charge of childcare this summer? Enjoy the holidays without wearing yourself out


Summer has officially arrived. Preschools, playgroups and baby groups are on holiday until September, school is out and we’re on our own. And so begins the six week marathon of endless snacks, demands and entertainment. Cripes! Pass the gin.

Being in charge of childcare over the summer holidays is FULL ON.

Whether you’re a parent or a nanny, the pressure to make each day fun, interesting and educational for different ages and interests can be daunting. It’s a lot to juggle.

There’s the small task of keeping the peace, staying on top of the mess and making sure they eat more than one food group (ice cream is a food group, right?). In addition there are outings to plan and activities to organise. And small bodies and minds to keep active and hopefully worn-out by bedtime.


It is possible to entertain everyone and be kind to yourself.

Meanwhile, whilst you’re working overtime to keep everyone else happy, healthy and amused it’s easy to forget about your own wellbeing and end-up exhausted at the end of each day. And consequently, completely burnt out by September.

And that’s in no-one’s best interests. So with that in mind, instead of another summer holiday activity list we’ve decided to focus on you instead.

So sit down, relax and enjoy our 5-step guide to enjoying the summer holidays without wearing yourself out.

And don’t worry, we’ve included some activity ideas at the end too.

Good luck!


Our 5 Step Guide for the Summer Holidays


  1. It’s ok to have lazy days. Because not every day has to be filled with sensory play and mind-expanding activities. ‘Down time’ and cuddles on the sofa are important too. A few at-home days will help everyone re-group and recover from busy days out. So why not have a movie day and just stay in your pyjamas, eat popcorn and enjoy the snuggles?


  1. Be kind to your bank balance. There are plenty of great free activities to be found. Go to the woods, for example. Have a picnic. Ride bikes. Bake. Make ice cream. Perhaps sign-up to the Summer Reading Challenge at your local library? Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas and inspiration.


  1. Let them eat cake. Accept that some days they will live on cake and chips and that’s ok. But just mix it up with healthier days and choices over the week.


  1. Tidying is for everyone, not just for mum and dad (or nannies.) You could spend the next 6 weeks picking-up after your children. But why not use it instead to teach them a little responsibility and independence? Make it fun. For example, let them do their worst during the day and have ‘tidy-up time’ before bed with their favourite music. Or have a competition with a sticker leaderboard. Or even make a rule that before a new toy or activity comes out, something else has to go away. You’ll be teaching a valuable lesson and taking the pressure off you. Go you!


  1. Not every day is an instagram story. Sure we all want to make some memories, but let’s be realistic. Even the best laid plans go wrong with children, especially when they’re hot and tired. So don’t beat yourself up if your perfectly planned day ends in tears. Because there are plenty more where that came from! (Nearly 40 to be exact.)


Whatever you get up to over the Summer holidays, above all we wish you all amazing adventures and wonderful memories.


And if you are looking for activity ideas, we’ve shared a few interesting ones below. Likewise, why not also share your best summer holiday finds via our facebook and twitter pages to help parents looking for ideas.


Sending a fist-bump of solidarity to you all.


Happy holidays everyone.


The Happy Nest Team x


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