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The next big thing in childcare

The next big thing in childcare With rising costs and continuing problems, what does the future hold for childcare? We examine issues with the current system and potential alternatives for you and your family. Childcare is a hot topic at the moment. With the cost

Happy Nest App

Happy Nest Nanny App

Happy Nest Nanny and Maternity recruitment agency have now got a App ( What is a App ? ) We know that finding time to register with a Nanny Agency is time consuming and if you’ve worked from early morning to late night the last

Celebrating The Queen’s Jubilee: Happy Nest Style!

Here at Happy Nest HQ we are feeling very patriotic, ready for the long weekend of celebrations. The bunting is up, cakes are made and we are hoping for gorgeous weather. We are looking forward to spending time with our family as well, celebrating 70


Man of Manny talents: Meet John, the male nanny

We’re about to demystify the world of male nannies. So if you’re curious about mannies, thinking about hiring one, or even becoming one, this blog is definitely for you. Nannies and Mannies As a nanny agency we’re very aware that men are currently a minority

How Much Does A Nanny Agency Charge ?

How much does a nanny agency charge? The question that every family needs to know, before they can make an informed decision about their childcare arrangements. Happy Nest knows what makes a good nanny agency. It is not only understanding the hours required or the