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Meet Happy Nest Nanny Beth Footitt

Today we’re chatting with Nanny Beth as she joins us for another round of ‘A Day In The Life.’ You might have seen Nanny Beth pop up before – she’s one of our superstar nannies featured on the Happy Nest Facebook page after her little ones received an award for Writer of The Week. Great mentoring Beth! Happy Nest nanny Beth chats with us about all things time management and juggling commitments as she completes her degree, plus her Level 3 studies, plus nannying! She also tells us about her take on the recognition of a nanny’s input, and shares her own fun childhood memories.

A Day In The Life Of Happy Nest Nanny Beth Footitt


Wow you’re one busy nanny! Studying your Level 3 in Childhood Studies and doing a Science degree, you’ve got it going on. How do you manage to get it all done?

Good question, it is tough at times! However I find working with children is almost like an escape from my studies, so it actually really helps me to have a break from university and Level 3. I’m studying a Biology degree as my goal is to work with children in the healthcare sector and this degree has afforded me the opportunity to go down this path. My passion for biology and childcare will hopefully be combined when I undertake a Masters in Paediatric Nursing in the next 12 months!

What made your want to work with children?

I have my Aunty Sarah to thank for this! At school I was a sports coach and leader for local primary schools. It was the first time I’d ever worked with children and I absolutely loved it. During my gap year between sixth form and university I worked at my Aunty’s nursery and it was then that I decided I wanted to shape my career around working with children.

What do you love most about working with children?

There’s lots of things I love about working with children. My favourite thing is being part of the journey that a child goes on as they develop new skills and experience things for the first time. It’s such a rewarding experience! I’ve worked with babies through to 14 year olds and each age group is totally different. It means you have to be so ready to adapt – sometimes the 14 year olds can be just as difficult as 6 month olds! [bctt tweet=”I don’t think many people are aware of nannies and their job roles. #nannylife” username=”@happynestuk”]

What’s your favourite childhood game?

Duck, duck goose! I love the adrenaline rush and anticipation of “am I going to be chosen?” It’s a game I used to play with my childhood friends and it brings back great memories. Nanny Beth and Will

For an afternoon with the children, do you generally prefer crafts or cooking?

I most enjoy crafts because it allows children to be more expressive, and it involves lots of key skills such as pencil control, expressive arts & designs and physical development. I’ve worked with children that have learning difficulties and found that crafts cater for children of all skill levels and allows each of them to express themselves.

Would you prefer to go on an outing with the children to the Zoo or the park?

I LOVE the Zoo! Elephants are my favourite animals because of their strong family values and how cute the baby elephants are! When I become stressed with university or Level 3, I can often be found near the elephant enclosure at Chester Zoo! For children I feel the zoo offers so many sensory experiences.

You’re currently a Happy Nest nanny in a shared care role with mum. How do you find the dynamic? Do you have any insight or tips for others going into shared care roles?

I really enjoy the dynamic; I feel it helps me be a better nanny. I’ve learnt that all families are extremely different and have individual ways of doing things. So being in a shared care role, I get to learn how the family goes about their ‘day to day’ routine, which allows me to implement the same routine when the parents aren’t there. Which is great for the children to have such consistency. [bctt tweet=”Nothing better than having children run up to see you with big smiles on their faces. #nannylife” username=”@happynestuk”]

Do you think nannies receive enough recognition for their role in moulding our youth?

I don’t think they do. Working in a nursery and being a nanny, I have noticed a great difference. I don’t think many people are aware of nannies and their job roles. A lot of people I speak to have a very stereotypical view of nannies and don’t realise the educational side of what we do.

What’s the best tip, or piece of advice, you’ve been given? And how has it influenced you?

I’m definitely a person who looks at quotes and tries to put a definition on things, such as the future. But honestly, I just believe in staying true to myself and trying to see the positive. There’s nothing better than picking the children up from school and them running towards you with big smiles on their faces, or going to see the children at the nursery and them shouting your name as you walk through the door. Being able to put a smile on a child’s face is so rewarding. I’ve always been told that counting to 10 can change almost every perspective.

What would you most like to achieve in the next 12 months?

In the next 12 months I want to be graduating with a 2:1 in my degree. I want to have completed my Level 3 (due to finish in February), go travelling for 2 months with my boyfriend, start my Masters in Paediatric Nursing at Nottingham University and start saving to buy a house. So just a couple of things… 😉
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Thanks for joining us for ‘A Day In The Life’ Beth, it was great chatting with you! Good luck with the rest of your studies and we hope you’re off to enjoy a game of Duck, Duck Goose with the children after school.

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