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Must Have Essentials For Your Nanny Portfolio

So you’ve spotted your dream nanny job advertised online, now what’s your next move?

Email your CV, attend an interview? Excellent, but first you need to make sure your nanny portfolio doesn’t hold you back… here’s how.

What is a nanny portfolio?

A nanny portfolio is a folder that holds your professional documents relevant to your nanny career. These are items such as proof of ID, address, and driving licence. Certificates such as education, paediatric first aid and DBS check.

Why do I need a portfolio?

When you attend a nanny job interview with a nanny agency or family, they will want to know that you are who you say you are (Proof of ID), and that you’ve had relevant nanny experience or qualifications (resume & certificates), and that you come highly recommended (references).

Your Nanny Portfolio Checklist

Here’s what you should put in your nanny portfolio. You should provide original copies of the following documents.

  • CV / Resume – detailing work history & education
  • Personal profile, this should be written specifically for the position.
  • Written references, with contact details of your top 2-4 nanny references in case the interviewee wishes to follow up with a phone call or email.
  • ID Documents
    • Proof of eligibility to work in the UK – Passport, Visa or birth certificate
    • Driving licence & DVLA check
    • Proof of address
  • DBS check & update service details
  • Paediatric first aid certificate
  • Certificates of training courses / education
  • Nanny Insurance or relevant memberships
  • Ofsted registration (if you’re registered)

Go the extra mile….

  • Schedule of activities, or just a list of example activities, meal plans etc, specific to the role
  • Pictures of your life as a nanny, such as craft activities you have done, days out, thank you cards etc.

Remember to ask for consent from the family if any pictures include a child.

Presentation of your nanny portfolio

It’s all very well having the documents ready to go, but if they’re all mixed up, still in envelopes, or creased, it doesn’t give a great impression. Invest in a simple but good quality document holder / folder that will keep your documents secure, tidy and easy to read.

Top tips

  • Remember to always keep your documents in date and refreshed.
  • Have a look through the folder a few days before your interview – it’s easy to remove your passport for a holiday and forget to put it back into the folder again.
  • Always ask for written references, and keep them in date order with the most current positions listed up front.
  • Take pictures of your crafts, days out etc, and keep your thank you cards.
  • Never leave your portfolio behind. If the nanny agency or interviewer need copies for their own records, offer to send them scanned versions.

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