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Emphasising the Importance of the DBS Update Service for Nannies


Emphasising the Importance of the DBS Update Service for Nannies

Ensuring the safety and well-being of children is paramount when hiring a nanny. An Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check is a crucial component of this process, providing parents with the peace of mind they need. At Happy Nest, we understand the significance of this background check, and we want to stress to all nannies the importance of being on the DBS update service and retaining a copy of the certificate.

What is a DBS Check?

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is the successor to the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA), following their merger in 2012. This transition has led to CRB checks being referred to as DBS checks. The enhanced DBS process goes above and beyond by scrutinising both spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands, final warnings, and any other pertinent information from local police stations related to the childcarer’s history.

Happy Nest and the DBS Check

At Happy Nest, we take the safety and security of your family seriously. That’s why we ensure that all our registered professional nannies have valid and up-to-date enhanced disclosures. We go a step further by offering to complete these checks for our candidates who don’t have a recent one, typically at the time of registration.

By maintaining your membership in the DBS update service and holding a copy of the certificate, you can demonstrate the level of workforce you are authorised to work with. This simple yet vital step also verifies that there are no convictions on your record. The DBS update service is a cost-effective solution at just £13 per year, providing continuous reassurance to parents that their chosen nanny remains a trusted and safe choice.

A valid and recent enhanced DBS check is essential for every nanny to work with children. Happy Nest takes pride in ensuring that all our nannies meet this important criteria .

How do get an Enhanced DBS? 

To renew or start a new DBS check please click here to be redirected to our partnership with Project Action UK providing DBS checks in the Uk.https://www.projectaction.org.uk/dbs-certification

Prices at time of writing are £10 admin fee to Project action £55 DBS fee and £13 to go on the update service to renew annually.

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