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Happy Nest joins the Nation on 2023’s Remembrance Day.

Emma reflects on the importance of today and reminisces learning about it during her childhood: I remember one of my favourite history subjects at Primary School was learning about the second world war. I was given my great-grandma’s ration book to take into school during show and tell. We learned war time songs, created poems and even put on a show for the school about it. I played the part of a mum sitting with her family as Neville Chamberlain declares war through the radio. I only had one line to say at the beginning of the play but that was enough for me! When I was a bit older the family and I visited Eden Camp in Yorkshire and I have vivid memories walking through themed bunkers which immersed you in war time. Visiting the local cenotaph was a yearly tradition for me and my Dad on Remembrance Day, too. I was made to go but I’m glad I went as it made me realise the importance of it. The Last Post always gives me chills as well. Recently I’ve purchased a reusable crochet poppy. Learn more from Emma

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