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3 things to consider before recruiting a nanny

So you’ve decided you’d like to hire a nanny. That’s great! We’ve outlined our top three things to bear in mind as you begin the process. You by no means need to have answers to all these questions, but I hope they can act as prompts to help you figure out what type of nanny would fit in best with your family.

Your lifestyle

It’s really important that your nanny fits seamlessly into your family’s life, so have a think – what does a week in your family’s life look like? Are you all early risers up at the crack of dawn and could use some extra help in the mornings? Does your commute home mean you could benefit from help with the school run and after school activities? These are just a couple of examples and every family differs.

Your parenting beliefs and philosophies

We want to make sure that we pair you with a nanny whose communication, teaching and disciplining style is aligned with your own. Think about how you teach your children anything from manners to spelling to life skills. Think about how you show them praise and how you speak to them when they’re not on their best behaviour (we’ve all been in public at some point with a toddler throwing a tantrum!). Children need consistent communication which is why you need a nanny whose beliefs and philosophies align with yours.

Your children

The most important of all things to bear in mind! Ultimately your nanny will be spending most of their time with your children, so you want to find someone who brings out the best in them. Maybe they’re shy and would benefit from a nanny who can encourage them out of their shell, or maybe they’re full of energy (perhaps sometimes too much) and they would thrive with a nanny who can help them channel that energy.

If you would like to discuss your options, the Happy Nest team would be delighted to help you through the process of finding a nanny. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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