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Insurance for Nannies

What is it?

An essential requirement for any nanny on the Ofsted voluntary register, however every nanny should consider the risks involved when caring for children professionally with no cover in place. Nanny insurance is for qualified or experienced nannies, doulas, mothers help and maternity nurses, who care for a child or children aged 0-17 based in the child’s own home.
Unfortunately accidents can happen in any profession no matter how fantastic you are at your job. So having your own Public Liability Insurance Policy (Nanny Insurance) is essential, and shows you take your responsibilities as a professional nanny or maternity nurse seriously.

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Why do I need it?

The simple answer is ask yourself what would you do if the children in your care had an accident and the parents chose to take legal action against you? Would you be able to pay for your legal costs, or any compensation? Many professional nannies work for many years without any insurance in place, unaware that nanny insurance is available or until an accident or near miss occurs.
If an accident did occur, hopefully your employer would be understanding and realise that it could have happened with them, however they could choose to hold you legally liable for the accident. With a nanny insurance policy in place your legal costs would be covered.

How much does it cost?

Around £60 – £100 per year depending on the level or cover you choose. As Ofsted requires that you have public liability insurance in place, some insurance providers will offer a discount when you are in the process of applying to become registered.
Your employer will have their own ‘employers liability policy’ in place in order to employ you, this is a legal requirement. Its very important that you as the nanny should pay for your own insurance – if your employer pays for it and then later makes a claim, the insurance company would not accept it as it would be deemed as invalid.
It’s hugely important that you find an insurer who understands your profession as a childcarer when looking for quotes. The few we have come across in the nanny industry are as follows:

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Pacey membership also includes advice to child carers, offers free online courses and other benefits.

All of these companies are around a similar price but shop around, as some offer more or less indemnity than others.
Happy Nest recommend that all nannies have their own public liability insurance – It also helps you demonstrate to parents your commitment to the care of their children to the highest possible standards.