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Sleep Deprived?

Why hire a maternity nurse ?

Each family has their own reasons for employing a maternity nurse . Commonly, the support is most required where mum needs to recover from the birth or a caesarean section, with multiple births, where one or both parents need to return to work quickly, or for specialist support for breast-feeding, colic and sleeping problems. Some families, especially where both parents work, choose to employ a maternity care specialist to ensure they are rested enough to return to work – sometimes until baby is sleeping through. Our maternity care providers have extensive medical experience and training in post-natal care and their main role is to look after mum and her newborn. Your nurse can stay for as little as a week, or for a few months until you’re well settled and confident. Families that employ a maternity nurse or night nanny state that the main benefit was to be able to rest and recuperate knowing that a professional has everything looked after.

How do I find the right care provider?

How do I find the right maternity care provider?

Happy Nest works with some of the most experienced maternity care providers in the country. We are proud to have the highest standards when it comes to vetting and recruiting our experienced newborn child carers. Most come recommended to us so we can recommend them to you. Maternity nurses and night nannies provide a huge support to so many parents with expert newborn care, for specialist requirements, but generally to help aid the most positive experience for the whole family.

Sleep Deprived?

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