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Free Holistic Sleep Program

Our friends at Babyem are running a FREE Sleep event starting next week.


The Holistic Sleep Revolution


Sign up here: https://holisticsleepcoaching.com/holistic-sleep-coaching-revolution/


Date: 2nd March – 11th March


When you attend you’ll get to enjoy:


➡️ A week of easy-to-follow sleep workshops and live Q&A calls that will show you the key tools and options that you can share with families to help them feel more rested without resorting to non-responsive techniques.


➡️ A Holistic Road Map that outlines everything you need to consider in order to support families holistically.


➡️ Workshops to help you kiss goodbye to imposter syndrome and help you to market yourself in a way that is truly aligned with your values so you are no longer chasing clients, instead, they are seeking you out!

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