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Family Camping


It’s coming up for that wonderful time of year when we can dust off our camping gear and give the children just a little bit more freedom to explore the world in the great outdoors and get them away from screens and back to basics. As a family with three young children we have always loved the ability to pack up and get out into the countryside at short notice for a trip away and her our nanny consultant Rachel has shared some of her memories of her camping holidays in the North of England and surrounding area.

For as long as I can remember I have always been camping. When I was younger, I went in a caravan with my grandma & Grandad, sister & cousins. We toured around Lancashire and Yorkshire.

There was one particular site we always loved and went to many times, and this was based in Harrogate. We would be joined by my Grandad’s brothers, their wives and grandchildren too. There was a big group of us. On this site there was a wooded area where we spent most our time, hiding, making dens and having fun.

I remember one particular trip where the grandparents all got together and decided to tell us about the Black Panther Cat that lived in the woods. We spent hours searching for the creature and on the last day we found what we thought was the Black Panther Cat, it turned out to be a bin liner filled out hiding amongst the branches.

Eventually all the grandchildren managed to get the Black Panther Cat down, only to find that it was full of sweets. I loved camping as a child, as every trip was an adventure. It was magic.

Then when I met my ex-husband we carried on the tradition, and went further afield to Devon, the Lakes, various Coastline sites too. We would go in the touring caravan or in the tent.

Once I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter I couldn’t wait to introduce her to the camping adventures. We had a caravan in Settle North Yorkshire, and her first stay over was when she was 12 weeks old. By the time she was walking, she was a hardened camper in both caravan & tents. Her middle sister then arrived, and her first stay over was when she was 6 weeks old.

Once both girls were able to talk, walk and play, the adventures began. We joined the Caravan & Camping Club and travelled across the Dales. The girls would play in the river, we would go for walks, bike rides and explore the nature around us.

By the time they were 5, they helped us set up the Caravan or tent, they had their own little chores to do and once we were all set up the adventures began.

We would stay in a place called Malton and go to the ‘Prom’ at Castle Howard, listen to classical music and the could play and dance.


I believe that if you introduce your children to camping you are opening their minds to adventure and possible new life experiences.

I love the fact that once we tell the girls that we have booked another camping trip the scream with excitement.

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