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Book Review: Shout Out Boo 2

Get ready to Shout Out Boo!

We caught up with local Chester based author Darron Rodgers, who self-published his spooky children’s book Shout Out Boo. So if you love a good read that makes you jump with each turn of the page, be sure to pick up a copy.

Shout Out Boo 2 is a fun story for the kids that’s best enjoyed read out loud with animated voices!

Written by Darron Rodgers, it’s a spooky story that little ones with a healthy curiosity for the freaky will enjoy. You’ll go aboard a ghost train, traverse a haunted track, and encounter some scary characters before arriving at the end of the line.

For the readers that can make it to the end without falling into blissful slumber, you can even delve into the story further with some ‘Question and Answer’ to test comprehension and see just how well you paid attention.

“So now the ride is over, there’s just one last thing to do. Can you remember what you saw, in the land of BOO? A double-decker bus? Or some busy bumble bees? Or a snappy venus fly trap? How many did you see?”

The question and answer in the story makes the book great for varied ages, giving it a longer shelf life. For the younger children, the use of onomatopoeia brings the story alive and delights at story time, whilst the early school age children can hone their comprehension, literacy, and numeracy skills.

And if the play-like ‘read aloud’ doesn’t get you, then the pictures and colours – illustrated by Rachel Prime – surely will.

The Spooky Train is setting off for another spooky night! Would you like to join us, and give someone a fright? The Monsters are all ready, and they know just what to do! But who do you think is best and will shout the loudest… BOO!


Shout Out Boo 2

Written by Darron Rodgers
Illustrated by Rachel Prime
Ghost Proof Publishing

Key Points: if bad dreams plague your nights, this is not one to read before bedtime
Best For: curious minds and the spooky obsessed
Enjoy With: animated voices, theatrical expressions, and cinematic scene setting

Our Favourite Line:

“It’s Minsey the Martian! Who zooms through space and lives on Saturn’s moon. She loves blasting asteroids and making things go BOOM!”


Behind the scenes with author Darren Rodgers

Happy Nest caught up with Shout Out Boo 2 author Darren, who self-published Boo after happening upon the story in his head after deciding on the witch character.
HN: What made you want to write a children’s book?
DR: I have written verses since I was about 7 years old, I remember reading one out in assembly at junior school. I’ve really no idea why a kid’s book, it just seemed to write itself. I already had a witch character and went from there.
HN: What was the inspiration for the book? Where did the story come from?
DR: It was literally the case that the words ‘choose who’s’ popped into my mind. It sounded like a train to me, so I then thought ‘what type of train? Ghost train was a bit too obvious, so I came up with the Spooky Train. Then I just had to figure out who was going to be on it.
HN: Have you had much experience with children?
DR: I’m the youngest of 3, have a couple of younger cousins, but prior to writing ‘Boo’ I really had no experience working or being around children at all. Of course now I spend loads of time reading to them at various events and schools.
HN: Did you have the visuals in mind as you wrote the story?
DR: I did try to create some characters, but I’m not very good at drawing, so I was lucky to meet a friend of a friend who did the pictures for me. I pretty much gave Rachel freedom to illustrate the characters and the stories how she saw them in her mind.
HN: What’s next for the Shout Out Boo series?
DR: At the moment I’m writing more verses featuring the characters from Boo, and I’ve also got two Christmas themed stories as well.

Shout Out Boo 2 Author Darron Rodgers Book Review for Happy Nest
Shout Out Boo 2 Author Darron Rodgers Book Review for Happy Nest
Shout Out Boo 2 Author Darron Rodgers Book Review for Happy Nest

For more on Shout Out Boo, visit the Facebook page to get updates. If you’d like Darron to do a book reading at your school, you get in touch with him directly via email
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