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Being A Working Mum

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as the owner of Happy Nest Nanny & Maternity agency I felt it was important to show the face behind the business, website and social media pages for all our new nannies and families we are welcoming on board at the moment .

I’m Fiona, I’m a busy mum to three amazing children so I understand the importance of finding the right childcare that fits into your own family life. It’s so much more than finding the right nanny for your family it is such a personal decision so we always want to take time to discover what your needs are and what will work well for you. I know when I first became a mum it took time to adjust and grow into motherhood. I was aware of so much conflicting advice. This seems to have grown to another level now with some of the images and expectations on social media giving added pressure.

As your children grow your needs change , in those early days it was certainly about getting the sleep right for me and the rest seemed to follow. I do need an awful lot of sleep though and at times I was at breaking point.





I speak to many mums and dads who have welcomed their first babies and it always takes me back to those early days when I really did not have a clue and was desperate to find a solution to my baby’s wild nocturnal habits!

I know Happy Nest Maternity Nurses and Night Nannies are the answer to slowly edging into that newfound territory of helping you get that much needed rest and support and learn together with your new baby what works best for you.

It feels wonderful to hear from our maternity nurses when they tell me how they have supported a mum to help baby breastfeed or a dad who is feeling a bit helpless when baby has colic and resulted in a much happier family all round. It really feels like we are making a difference in finding the right support at the right time.


In no time at all it was time to return to work and with three children under five it was always going to be a juggle!

I understand now how parents feel when they want to build their  career , have the peace of mind knowing their children are cared for and safe in their own home by a professional nanny. You are able to concentrate fully on what you need to do at work but hear about your child’s day and their development on a very personal level.

There are so many benefits to having a nanny .If your child is sick they are able to rest at home with nanny, it really does make such a difference to the work life balance at home. You aren’t rushing like crazy on the last train home or if the traffic is busy just to do a nursery pick up. There’s nothing better than walking through the door to a happy , fed , bathed toddler who gives you the biggest smile and tells you all about their fun day with their nanny giving you time to snuggle up with a story.


If your childcare needs a bit of a shake up and things feel a bit disjointed with school pick ups or nursery half days or if you are struggling with a complete lack of sleep and trying to establish a routine that works for you.  If your working days are all over the place with long and unsociable hours or you just need a break to get some me time back to do the things you love, please give me a call. It’s always a good way to get to know what might work best for you by talking it through.






We are all a team of mums, dads, and nannies here at Happy Nest and will guide you with our knowledge and experience on how having a nanny or maternity nurse can support your family life.

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