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Nanny Agency In Southend on sea

Helping families in Southend on sea find their perfect nanny

Hello, and welcome to Happy Nest Southend

Happy Nest Nanny Agency Southend is here to help you find your perfect nanny or maternity care, whatever your needs. We provide permanent live-in nannies to temporary maternity nurses and everything in between. We understand that the modern family needs a child-care solution that is flexible and fits in with their dynamic and needs.

Our service is complete from our face-to-face consultation and finding suitable candidates, to dealing with contracts and payroll. You can trust Happy Nest to look after every stage of the process, and only introducing you to nannies that will complement your family.

Find a nanny in Liverpool

Find a nanny

Finding the nanny that perfectly matches your needs is what we’re here for. We have lots of wonderful nannies registered with us that could be looking for a family just like yours. If you have specific needs, we can use our channels to find that special person.

Private maternity care in Liverpool

Private maternity care

Our private maternity care services are for families with newborns and young children and provide professional maternity care in the comfort of your own home. We can provide qualified maternity nurses and night nannies with experience in newborn care.

Need to talk to someone now?

If you'd like to talk to us now or need help urgently, call us on 0800 955 8868.

If you need more information or would like us to call you back use our simple contact form.

How we're different

Advanced Screening

Did you know less than 5% of applicants pass our superior vetting process: NannyHire Check™. See our process here.

A nanny, maternity nurse or night nanny can be arranged on a schedule that suits you: short, medium or long term, and you can specify additional skills such as experience with special needs or speaking additional languages. Whatever you are looking for, Happy Nest Nanny Agency will do everything in its power to help you. We have nanny consultants covering the Southend on sea area who can visit you to discuss your options.

Liverpool Nanny Agency

Why use a nanny agency to find a nanny?

There are various reasons why people use a nanny agency which benefits the family and also the nannies and maternity nurses that register with us. We take care of all the necessary checks, references, preliminary interviews etc. on your behalf and will shortlist candidates that we know will fit your family based on our getting to know you during our face-to-face meeting, and because we know our nannies.

If your family has any special requirements such as needing a nanny who can help with housekeeping or grooming horses, or has experience with children with special needs, we will pull out all the stops to either connect you with one of our registered nannies, or find one that fits your requirements.

As nannies are employed by you, it’s important to get the right paperwork in place and payroll set up, which we can look after on your behalf. We can make sure that both parties’ interests are covered which facilitates a successful and harmonious relationship.

Get In Touch

For more information, call us on:
01702 919999
or leave your contact details and we’ll contact you.

    Valued customer testimonial

    “I have recruited several nannies through Happy Nest for the past few months. This nanny agency has always put forward high calibre candidates which matched my exact requirements. I have always found the service reliable,  efficient and responsive – definitely one of the best in their field. They have always provided the highest standard of nannies who always prove to be kind, loving and reliable.

    Ella the director and the staff of Happy Nest provide a high-quality service which a busy parent can rely on. I fully recommend this nanny agency to any parents out there.”

     – Patrick Anthony