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How Much To Hire A Nanny

What does a nanny agency charge

How much does it cost to hire a nanny

Happy Nest nanny agency is proud to have one of the most comprehensive and personal nanny-finding services available. Our service is thorough and all-inclusive, working in the interest of both our families and nannies to ensure successful, long-term placements.

Happy Nest London is proud to assist families in their search for long-term, in-home childcare support. We recruit only the most suitable candidates who are thoroughly screened to meet our superior standards.

Our all-in-one service covers all aspects of employing a nanny, including salary negotiations, employment contracts and payroll set up.

Rather than charge a percentage, we have a simple, fixed one-off fee. This makes us more competitive than most nanny recruitment agencies while offering a higher standard of service.

Our service always starts by getting to know you and how a nanny can best support your family. For a personal discussion about your family’s needs and how we can help, contact us on 0800 955 8868 or send us a message.

Mother's Help Hire - Happy Nest Nanny Agency

What’s Included

Our comprehensive service includes all ‘items’ below as standard. That is because we believe, when it comes to childcare, only the best will do. Each item is explained in more detail here.

  • Family Consultation
  • Bespoke Job Description
  • Recruitment & Advertising
  • Detailed Nanny Shortlist Pack
  • Previous Employer Reference x 2
  • Interview Guide Book
  • Advanced Vetting
  • 30 day replacement policy
  • Best-Fit psychometric Report
  • Driving & Vehicle Assessment
  • Salary Negotiations
  • Placement Documents
  • New Enhanced DBS (update service)
  • HR Drafted Employment Contract
  • Payroll set-up & monthly payslips

At Happy Nest, we really do understand how your time is precious, and how wonderful it feels when the worlds align and things at home seem to run smoothly, even if just for an hour! Time is precious especially when it comes to our children, and that is why we have worked hard to create a process that gives you back just that, some quality family time.


Registration fee

A £195 registration fee is required to commence a search. ( None Refundable )

This fee is deducted from your final invoice.

Placement fee

Fully inclusive placement package : £2495 

Included in fee is:

  • Free 12 months HMRC payroll.
  • Free Employment contract with legal assistance

This is a one-off payment, which is payable once your chosen nanny has accepted their offer of employment with you. 

Additional Services

After Care package : £350

  • 90 day replacement policy
  • 3-month Nanny Objective Review
  • Ongoing Placement Consultation

Dual Placement : £250

Vetting for an additional candidate (Domestic Couple).

Additional fees will apply for any placements outside of the UK.

Service Inclusions

Family consultation

We love to meet our clients in their own home wherever possible, this is our chance to get to know you and really understand how we can help make each day smoother and more relaxed for everyone at home. Leave all the details to us.

Bespoke Job Description

A unique nanny job advertisement is created bespoke for your family, it’s informative, with a personal touch. Check out our job vacancies page and see how we go the extra mile to write wonderful nanny job descriptions that capture the true needs of a modern busy family.

Recruitment & Advertising

We understand this industry inside and out. We tailor our search based on your family’s individual needs, running digital campaigns and target locally. We also have connections with our happy nest nannies who have been registered with us for over 6 years.

Previous employer references

We get in touch with at least Two previous employers or other relevant referees. We discuss; their attitude towards their work, their super nanny skills, and any concerns, attendance and their duties, plus much more. This is included as standard as part of our NannyHire Check™

Detailed Nanny Shortlist Pack

We narrow it down to the very, very best, normally 2-3 nannies. We build out detailed nanny profile packs which we send to you for a good read through. They include the nanny’s references, their profile with work and training history, also included is their psychometric report.

Interview guide book

We have talked with so many families over the years and know that the first meeting with your new potential nanny can go really well if you feel equipped with some top tips. Our guide book is thorough and full of suggested open-ended questions.

Advanced vetting

Every placement with Happy Nest will receive our NannyHire Check™ service as standard, and this is included in our flat-rate fee. It is a 10 point safeguarding process that we have created to ensure every family can relax. More information can be found here.

NannyHire Check™ Report

Our nanny ‘best fit’ screening report has been created specifically for Happy Nest, its unique in that it is tailored to assess child carers in a domestic setting. All our nannies complete these 3 assessments and they are provided for your review in the Profile Pack.

Driving and vehicle assessment

If a nanny is required to use their own car for work we gather evidence of their business motor insurance, and complete a vehicle check with the DVLA. We check if it has valid tax, MOT or a SORN status. Details of their suitability as a driver are also validated during our reference checks.

Salary negotiations

Once you have decided to make an offer to your future nanny, we will take care of all the salary negotiations, inform you on your responsibilities as an employer, and coordinate any last-minute details to help ensure the final process is smooth and stress-free for everyone.

Placement documents

We provide support throughout this finalising stage, we draft a formal offer of employment letter, and also draft an initial statement of particulars detailing an overview of the nanny’s job specifics. This helps everyone agree everything in principle, ensuring a happy trial period.

New Enhanced DBS (update service)

As standard we undertake this as part of our placement package, we ensure your nanny will be on the ‘Update Service’ with a valid enhanced DBS check, no extra cost for you or the nanny.

HR Drafted Employment Contract

This is the most well written nanny contract we’ve ever seen in our industry. Tailored to reflect your family’s privacy, with details such as your nanny’s personal phone usage, along with a bespoke schedule of childcare duties. It’s included in our placement package, and our HR Consultant will also provide ongoing legal advice for the duration of your nannies employment.

Payroll set-up & monthly payslips

It’s all taken care of, we will set you up as an employer with HMRC and send you monthly payslips for your nanny. For a detailed breakdown of what is included click here. 1 years payroll service is included in our placement package. Thereafter £180 per year.

To read more about our nanny recruitment process and how we guide you through each stage please click here.

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