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Nanny Neuza’s Easter Arts and Crafts Activities

Easter is here and when you’re done exploring what’s on offer out and about these school holidays, it’s time for some arts and crafts.
There are so many things that we could do, from all ages, from the simple egg and bunny drawings to the more complex egg shell décor or masks! Just get inspired, and grab your future Picassos, and let’s create a memorable Easter!

Easter Arts and Crafts Activities (for the little ones)

For the little one let’s make things simple! Grab a potato, cut it in half, and we’ll use it as a stamp to make some yellow chicks – perfect for a homemade Easter card!

Potato Print Chicks

From My Kid Craft

  • Small potato
  • Yellow paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Orange paper (for the feet and the beak)
  • Card or paper to stamp on


  • Cut a potato in half
  • Dip into yellow paint and stamp onto your card or paper.
  • Add the wings and with the orange paper cut the feet and a triangular beak.
Easter Arts and Crafts Activities, Happy Nest Nanny Agency, Nanny Neuza

If you feel inspired you could do some cuts in the potatoes and create more exciting shapes like an Easter egg with one colour or multi-coloured, like this Easter Egg Stamp Craft from Crafty Morning.

Easter Arts and Crafts Activities, Happy Nest Nanny Agency, Nanny Neuza

Egg Carton Craft

It’s always a good time for recycling, so get some old cardboard egg boxes and create some cute Easter animals. You could make little carton chicks like these from Typically Simple, or these bunnies from Everyday Dishes. The kids will love making them and it’s a fun way to reuse something old!


  • egg cartons
  • scissors
  • glue
  • paint
  • paintbrushes


  • Remove the top half of the egg carton and save if making animals other than bunnies. Cut out 3 individual cups from the bottom half of the carton, using scissors. Trim the rim and remove. For the body, stack 2 of the cups together so the openings meet. Glue together then set aside.
  • Using other bits of the cardboard create the bunny ears or chick’s beak.
  • Paint all pieces white and allow them to dry.
  • Attach face piece to body, adhere with glue then add a pom pom in the back as the tail to the bunny

Easter Arts and Crafts Activities (for the older ones)

For the elder ones why not create some head bunny ears for kids to wear! This fun and totally cute craft to make Bunny Masks from Babyccino Kids is gorgeous. Here’s a little snippet, but you’ll find the full tutorial on their blog.

  • heavy card stock paper (white)
  • pink craft paper
  • cotton wool
  • elastic string


  • Cut the eyes and the ears of the mask in the white paper
  • Cut the interior of the ears with the pink craft paper and the fine stipes for the whiskers
  • Attach the elastic band on the back
  • Add the cotton wool throughout the white area

Nanny Neuza’s DIY Bunny Mask Tutorial

I’ve got a simple Easter Arts and Crafts Activity for you. Here’s our version of the bunny ears, you can download the images below, I promise you it’s all very simple. Just get a normal A4 paper and print the 2 pages (coloured or black and white). Thick card-stock is best, but if you don’t have any on hand, don’t stress too much.
>>> Get Your DIY Bunny Mask Images
Easter Arts and Crafts Activities, Happy Nest Nanny Agency
Easter Arts and Craft Activities, Happy Nest Nanny AgencyEaster Arts and Crafts Activities, Happy Nest Nanny Agency

Send your photos and let us know if the kids enjoyed their masks!

Neuza Morais, Happy Nest Nanny Agency blogger, Bamble Designs
[team_member name=”Neuza Morais” position=”Nanny, Architect, Designer, and Happy Nest blogger” mail=”” facebook=”” twitter=””]Neuza, one of our many fab #happynannies, is one seriously busy lady! When Neuza is not caring for children, she keeps herself busy (and happy) with her side hustle – Bamble – a creative service that makes it possible for your children to wake up in a magical kingdom.[/team_member]

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