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Charlotte’s Guide To An Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Lets face it, the English weather sucks! So in the event that you wake up to find it teeming down on Sunday morning (highly likely), we’ve got Plan B sorted for you. An Indoor Easter Egg Hunt will keep the children happy, and might even mean you can laze on the sofa with a brew just a little bit longer..
That being said, an indoor all-out race to find the last choccy egg could spell disaster with a capital D.. mum’s favourite vase smashed on the floor anyone? So this year we’ve come up with a few tips on how to have a successful indoor Easter egg hunt.
Come rain or shine, you of course still want the kids to have a great day, so here are a few tips on what to do if you end up being rained in.
Charlotte's Guide To An Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Here’s How To Plan An Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

We’d recommend hiding between 7 to 10 eggs per child so that everyone has a fair chance of finding some. You could also use brighter coloured eggs for younger children to help them find them easier, and less obvious colours for the older children.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Mini chocolate eggs / chocolate lolly pops / small toys
  • Baskets to carry the eggs in
  • Clue signs and arrows
  • And of course… a bunch of excited children!

Charlotte's Guide To An Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

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Where To Hide The Eggs:

Depending on the size of your home, we’d recommend using either just the downstairs or just the upstairs areas. This will help to keep the hunt to a reasonable time and is safer for the little ones!
–– hiding spots for the younger ones:

  • Behind blinds / Curtains
  • Behind pillows and larger objects
  • Under a table
  • In shoes
  • Behind chairs / sofas

–– hiding spots for older ones:

  • Coat pockets
  • Inside cups/teapots
  • Inside pillow cases
  • Inside vases/boxes
  • Inside draws

Charlotte's Guide To Planning An Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Clues & Signs:

For an extra touch to your Easter egg hunt, you could add some signs with clues for the children. It’ll make the hunt even more exiting for them, and may help the hunt be over in reasonable time!
–– here’s some ideas for Easter egg hunt signs & clues:

  • Arrows pointing towards the area the eggs are in
  • Paper cards with clues and directions
  • Clues inside plastic eggs

Charlotte's Guide To An Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

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Here’s hoping that Easter is full of sunshine this year so you can get those little ones outside, but if not, we’ve totally got you covered. Be sure to pop over to Facebook or Instagram and send us piccies of your Easter egg hunt!
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Charlotte Hopkins, Happy Nest Nanny Agency
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