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Author: Emma

Twin pregnancy: Double the fun

5 minute read You are about to read a useful and supportive guide to having twins – from your first twin symptoms right up to birth and beyond. Grab (or waddle) a cuppa, put your swollen feet up and have some me time. Pregnancy is

Children Internet Safety

Internet safety for children is a crucial aspect of modern parenting and nannying; keeping children safe online is a vital concern in today’s digital world. It involves teaching children about responsible online behaviour, understanding the risks of sharing personal information and knowing what to do

A day in the life of a new born

Welcome to the wacky world of newborns! Where the days are long, the years are short and the most mundane activities can become the stuff of legend. Let’s dive into the humorous and heartwarming reality of a day in the life of a newborn… 5am:

Toddler tantrums: a supportive guide for mums and dads

Short read Dealing with toddler tantrums can be one of the most challenging aspects of parenting. It’s important to understand that tantrums are a normal part of child development. Toddlers are trying to express themselves and often don’t have the words to convey their feelings,

Nanny Myths and Misconceptions

Hiring a nanny can be beneficial in so many ways however not everyone initially sees it in a positive light. “Uniforms are required” Not every nanny wears uniforms, only a select few such as Norland College nannies. Wearing your own clothes gives you the best

Things to do during half term

Stuck for something to do during those long half term days? We’ve got your back. Homework First and foremost – get the homework done! Once it’s done it’s done and means no last minute Sunday night tears needing to get it done for their first

How do I tell my child we’re hiring a nanny?

At Happy Nest we sympathise with the roller coaster of parenting and we know it can be challenging (to say the least!). It’s good to reach out and ask for help and that’s why we offer unbiased support with a process that’s as smooth as

Happy Nest joins the Nation on 2023’s Remembrance Day.

Emma reflects on the importance of today and reminisces learning about it during her childhood: I remember one of my favourite history subjects at Primary School was learning about the second world war. I was given my great-grandma’s ration book to take into school during