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Author: Emma

Happy Nest joins the Nation on 2023’s Remembrance Day.

Emma reflects on the importance of today and reminisces learning about it during her childhood: I remember one of my favourite history subjects at Primary School was learning about the second world war. I was given my great-grandma’s ration book to take into school during

Happy Nest App

Happy Nest Nanny App

Happy Nest Nanny and Maternity recruitment agency have now got a App ( What is a App ? ) We know that finding time to register with a Nanny Agency is time consuming and if you’ve worked from early morning to late night the last

Grief & Little Minds

When I was 11, my Grandma Kath died in hospital. I was young at the time so I didn’t understand what was happening, just that she was very poorly and gone forever. I was sad but didn’t fully understand what was happening. When the funeral

Celebrating The Queen’s Jubilee: Happy Nest Style!

Here at Happy Nest HQ we are feeling very patriotic, ready for the long weekend of celebrations. The bunting is up, cakes are made and we are hoping for gorgeous weather. We are looking forward to spending time with our family as well, celebrating 70